What Rentals Offer

Renting through Bay Rentals you get the following:

On arrival you are greeted with refreshments and personalised rental booklet containing
  • Map to where your booked holiday home is located
  • Set of Keys with alarm instructions
  • Important information of your rented property and rules/regulations
  • Inventory List
  • List of Restaurants in the Area, including specials
  • List of Activities
  • List of Events
  • Area information of St Francis Bay with photographs
  • Tourism map of where businesses are located
  • Telephone Directory
  • Separate Sales Brochure
Placed in your Rental Home is a Welcome Parcel
  • Bay Estates Shopping Bag
  • Two Bottles of wine to dine to
  • Dish clothes
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Dish washing Sponge
  • Scented candles and matches (in case of an emergencies)
  • Every toilet will have 2ply toilet paper placed
  • Every bathroom will have Charlotte Rhys Shampoo and Conditioner and scented soaps
  • Every bed has a welcome chocolate displayed on each pillow
  • Other complimentary items depending on local sponsorship i.e. Previous years Glaceau, Everyday Sun, Woodlands Dairy... provided gifts of their latest products

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